By David Scott
Boston Sports Media

11:25 a.m.

• Draft Day needs to be rainy and or cloudy. No guilt viewing of nothing at all is much preferred to the FULL Guilt viewing when it’s 70 and sunny.
• Draft Day also needs to be “drafty,” as My Buddy Paulie Brookline’s Lovely Wife, Tandee, will surely say.
Mel Kiper’s eye bags on ESPN2’s awful ‘Mold Pizza’ yesterday morning were bigger than NFL Networker Lincoln Kennedy’s ahem, bags. Badumpbump.
• When Mike Reiss began the midday blogging last season, he started blazing new territory for area newspaper beat writers. Everyone has been playing catch-up ever since. Yesterday’s offering of his ‘32 Draft Pieces’ was another sign of just how much catching up the rest of the Reiss copycats will have to do. I’m all done tooting Reiss’s horn – it’s starting to get to the “Boy who cried ‘wolf’” level and I realize that. So my last thing (until my next thing) on Reiss is this: The Herald needs to rearrange a bunch of pieces on all desks and among them should be the subtle encouragement for Michael Felger Underwood to go full-time on TV and Radio. He’s got the face for the first and the voice for the latter. He’s fine in print, but Reiss will be better and more cost effective. Than Torpedo Torpey can plug the Felgie hole with Reiss and he can continue blowing Green Boxer newbie, Jerome Solomon out of the water on a larger, more deserved, stage.
• There’s an NFL Draft about to begin, and I here I am filling Fantasy Media slots for the second time in two days. This is why Kahlua and coffee should not be used at any time before bed-time.
• You still get the Pope lines we were going to use if the Conclave had continued through Draft Day. (And by the way, PTI’s question of the week was “Pope Naming or Draft?” Korn was so on ALL week.)
So, here goes the first one: ‘With the first pick in the 2005 NFL Draft, San Fran takes Benny Ratzinger from Cardinals College. . .”
• Let the Drafting begin. . .