By David Scott
Boston Sports Media

2:28 p.m.
Spring has sprung in Hull and young Percy the Dog is gnawing at his butcher bone, so I figured I’d do the same with the area sports bone. We’ll be hitting Fenway early on Monday – if you’re up for a Bloody (sock) Mary with Shots, email below and we’ll make the arrangements.

• Somehow – and this one is boggling my mind – ESPN’s best, the PTI pair, Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon got almost a full Five Good Minutes out of Bryant Gumbel on Thursday’s show.
It was the second time this week (at least) where an outspoken African American member of the media made racially overtoned remarks. The other we saw, was the St. Louis Post Disptach’s Bryan Burwell during his “OTL” interview following the piece about Todd Bozeman. Bob Ley managed to delve into it a little better than Korn and Wilby, but the thinking viewer probably understood the Gumbel comments fully.
• Now, there’s a good example of what I talk about when I say that Griff Gruff is missing the boat on his precious space of the SporTVoid. HE should be reacting to and analyzing these type of stories. I can figure out what’s on TV with a simple chart – but get me thinking about what I’m watching? Well, then you’re on to something.
Cranky Callahan might have been instigating a bit with his Beanball Forecast for next week’s Yanks’ series. But that’s exactly what the tabloid should be doing. EVERY. Day. All, year, long.
• So, I’m guessing Sean McDonough won’t be emceeing on Monday? Injustice of injustices. (Final McDonough rant of the season – unless warranted by events at NESN.)
• Mae’s flowers brought April showers. Sorry. But it was there, and I needed to use it.
• We’ve got to do a Albomesque apology and disclosure: Big John of the Duxbury Big John’s was not in attendance at Runyon’s fete on Sunday past. Notably though, the Norwell Notable was in da house – pulling the load for both Shots and Biggie. No small feat, that.
• The whole Herald thing is going to get ugly from what we can gather. The one thing that might save some asses is if Purcell is smart enough to strip down everything to its very core. Basically knock down the walls of traditional journalism and allow his paper and his web site to literally feed each other. No one is that ballsy – but as far as the sports sections goes, it might be the only way to stay competitive and viable.
(If it were to cost Purcell a lunch at Legal’s to hear me out, don’t you think that would be worth the investment in a cup of chowda? No one ever sees things my way, I’m used to it.)
• If Doc Rivers wasn’t so verbose, the Celtics beat writers would be left with depending on Raef to have a huge night every night. Paul Pierce answered about three questions the other night, blinked his eyes and was gone. Ricky Davis was gone before the horde was even let in.
That kind of crap doesn’t make the beat folks ( or columnists for that matter) very happy, I assure you.
• I’ve decided the worst part about the message boards is the inherent lack of accountability. Use your real name or keep it to yourself.
• Along those lines, my real name is Ken Powers.
• ESPN’s Joe Lunardi is so very insane that he has already projected the Field of 65 for next year’s Tournament. Good news, though: BU is in as a 15-seed and opens against Michigan State in the Oakland sub-regional played at Detroit. BC’s a three-seed. Iona didn’t make it again – his only glaring omission.
• Now I’m quite insane for reporting such things.
• Get outside, enjoy the weekend and we’ll hit you with a Sox home-opener re-cap on Tuesday at some point.