By David Scott
Boston Sports Media Watch

9:56 p.m.





In a move that is so incredibly daffy, it’s priceless, WEEI 850 AM’s Night-Host-in-Limbo, Mike Adams, has commandeered the sports radio leader’s broadcast booth and says he’ll stay on air until he hears – one way or another – whether the former Ted Sarandis timeslot will officially be his.

Taking a page from the movie, Airheads , Adams has literally barricaded himself within the main studio where the local programming originates from. He has placed large bookshelves, filled with weighty media guides, against the studio’s lone entry door and, according to producer Jason Pothier, has said he is not coming out until station honcho Jason Wolfe informs Adams of whether or not the slot his.

(Shots, it should be noted, is in Florida with limited Internet access, and has been linked into the situation through one call with Pothier and a couple of discussions with Adams on his cell phone, during break.)

Adams, known throughout his 30 year career for the outlandish and hilarious, Check out this WPOP/Dale Denver entry with the vintage Adams photo told Shots just after 9 p.m.: “This is so funny, it’s weird though. I know it’s going to piss people off,” said Adams, who has worked with the station in some capacity, for almost a decade. “This is all too good. I’ve pulled some stuff in 30 years, but this is a good one. And there’s no violence, you know that, right?”

FOX 25 had already been in to get video for its 10 o’clock news, virtually ensuring that the stunt would generate attention and garner listeners. (Something Adams is good at even without stunts, pranks and mischief. But this one is gold, for sure.)

After being taunted by Big Show host, Glenn Ordway, for not having the gumption to stand up and demand an answer about his future at the station, Adams said he had finally had enough. “You know what? Screw them. I’ve been here 10 years, my wife is pregnant (due in April) and I’ve got to know if I’m going to have to leave the area or not.”

Asked if the baby (a boy) will be named after the station’s GM, Adams quipped, “Yeah. Wolfe Adams.”

Wolfe, who was in Buffalo according to Adams’ producer Jason Pothier, called in before boarding his plane back to Boston and Adams proudly said “I blew him up” – radio speak for hanging up on him. Wolfe should, in all likelihood, be on the ground before midnight, when Adams shift is scheduled to be complete. Wolfe could end the whole “drama” with a Ebertesque thumb up or thumb down. Or, if he’s wise enough to capitalize on the moment, he can stretch it out for a couple of days – maybe until Friday night. Either way, the buzz has been created, masterfully and comically, by Adams, proving once and for all he not only deserves the slot but also DEMANDS it.

Pothier said the phone lines were lit up and just after 9 p.m., Adams’ lawyer, Bobby Allen, called in and was going to be put on air.

And for those who wonder whether this is some elaborate hoax to generate attention (as some message boarders are opining), Pothier for one, was not aware of any such plan.

“I’m scared as hell that I’m going to lose my job,” said Pothier, who is separated from Adams by the window to the producer’s booth. There is also a Flash Update booth where other talent – or Wolfe himself – would be able to join, on air, the Adams Uprising, but still be banned from the Adams Arena.

Adams, a wily veteran of the industry laughed to Shots at the pale complexion of his producer, who has been at Adams side for about two years. “He’s so freaked out – you should see how white he is.”

The situation is certainly worth following – especially if Adams continues with his act of civil disobedience when the Dennis and Callahan clan signs on at 6 a.m.

“I love those guys,” Adams crowed. “They can come in and join me from the flash studio. But they can’t come in here either. No one can.”

As far as the logical question of “What about when nature calls?,” Pothier confirmed that Adams has a “large bottle with him.”

Please understand that Shots would love to keep you posted hourly on the developments from the NB building, but we are a thousand miles from home and the Gulf of Mexico has been calling our name all evening.

Safe to say, our thoughts and prayers are with Brother Adams as he forges ahead with his Mike Mandate. Even if it was all staged, it was done with aplomb and we applaud anytime WEEI can produce something other than a Mumbling Meat or a Dour DeOssie.