By David Scott
Boston Sports Media Watch

Ladies and Gentleman, Art Martone, the sports editor at the Providence Journal has fired a shot across the bow of Boston’s Big Two.

By the time the Manning Bowl (non-Lynn version) was 10 minutes old on Sunday night, had everything anyone else had and much, much more – including a columnist’s take.

The comparison (which we’d encourage you to partake in) between what the ProJo did, and what the Globe and the Herald did with Sunday’s Patriots-Bills game, is a tremendous study in the recent “Rush to Blogs” and its accompanying adoption of the Web, by local sports desks.

While the Herald and the Globe are still protecting a large amount of their newsprint copy which will run in the Monday paper, it appears the ProJo is ready to give its users all the news, when it’s ready, ON SUNDAY, and in large doses. Despite the possibility of angering subscribers who will be essentially reading “old news” on their newsprint, the “Art”ful (and progressive) blogger/editor, Martone, is saying: “Here’s our stuff. Before you go to bed – read what you want and come back for more. Or pick up the paper.”

Mostly, Martone is telling everyone in the region – it’s not enough to be blogging and feeding transcripts to web page viewers. Some of what will differentiate and establish who will emerge from Old Media restraints, will be the HOW the information is delivered and packaged (notice the ProJo’s eye-catching design and layout). It’s not necessarily how fast the info gets there.

The incorporation of running analysis and instant interpretation is already beginning to seep into the industry leader, Reiss’s Pieces and the hot-on-its-heels Point After.

But that’s too much to ask of the game story and sidebar writers like Mike Reiss, John Tomase and Albert Breer (not to mention Shalise Manza Young and others, we presume).

The columnists need to get into the act as well and there needs to be some other thought put into, what is essentially, real-time coverage of the games and events. We’re not going to suplly ALL the answers for the slow-to-change, but we are going to say that this Patriots season may signify the true start of all-out web wars amongst the regions’ sports staffs.

With Web 2.0 already whirring away, the late-to-the-Ball locals, are experimenting at every turn. Martone and the ProJo appear to be setting some of this region’s agenda with its immersion into Pats’ coverage – and the abolition of the 24-hour news cycle.

We’ll now have to see how the others respond.

. . . Nice effort here at a quickly emerging sister site of Shots.

Which means, I believe, I just kissed my sister.

. . . The lyrics for that catchy Sunday night NBC ditty that had Pink tickling us can be found here.

Here’s a a remarkable Q&A over at Tom Curran’s new digs.

. . .TC, by the way, was with Tuna and Terrell on Sunday and he’s started to get a feel for EvLogging.

But, like everyone else, he is learning on the fly. What he did from Jacksonville on Sunday may, or may not, resemble what he’ll be doing from Pittsburgh or Foxboro come December.

Some things will work – on the national level, especially, which is where Curran is now plying his trade. Some won’t (get rid of all your “justs,” TC – we know it “just” happened, you’re blogging it every 15 minutes).

Neumie’s a video Blogger! Neumie’s a video blogger! You’ve got to scroll down the right under Media Center and I can’t figure out how to direct-link (Help Me, My Boss Bruce!). But it’s a Web 2.0, early attempt at major video components on the web.

We loudly say, Bring it on!

• Despite pre-season literature distributed by the Patriots organization claiming a new and improved entrance system for the common folk who enter the Kraft Coliseum, Sunday’s near-kickoff arrival was, yet again, DEPLORABLE.

Proving once and for all that you can build a gorgeous stadium with all the bells and whistles for the Muckety-Mucks, but you will still neglect and humiliate the herds of Blue Collar-type ticket holders who are subjected to an inexcusably inept admittance plan.

For those like Shots, who found themselves at the West gate (having walked up the stairs from the Pro Shop area), the re-configured gate system was a complete joke. Not only did ticket holders have to wait in a monstrous swarm approaching the gate, the flood of fans then created a bottleneck approaching the interior ramps of the stadium.

Security officers were spotted on ramps discussing the bottleneck over their headsets, so there is some glimmer of hope that the organization will be alerted to the ever-present problem. We’re not entirely sure of the solution (outside of getting to our seats a full two hours before kick), but a good starting point would be to add some more ticket scanners and friskers. There’s no way those hourly workers can break the budget of a billion dollar organization.

We ask you, Mr. Jonathan or Mr. Robert Kraft, convinced you that this is the a better way of getting people into your palace? Was it someone involved with the Big Dig? Or a first grader from Foxboro’s Taylor Elementary School?

It wouldn’t kill you to invest in some real people flow engineers and figure out exactly what would allow you to comfortably provide admittance into your so-called masterpiece of a stadium. We did one quick search and discovered some leaping off-point materials to help things along.

To leave the problem as it is – and as it was at the old stadium – is to ignore the “true fans” that Bobby K. so often tries to be like.

• Shots had made it a habit to listen to the WBCN game while in attendance at the Razor. In recent years it’s been close to unbearable, but on Sunday it reached epic levels.

The Gino and Gil debacle was being broadcast on at least a 30 second delay, meaning anyone in the stadium, trying to listen to the Rock Radio Network, was forced to watch a play live while hearing the previous play on delay.

A few second delay – as experienced in past years – is bearable. But Sunday’s radio broadcast was intolerable to in-stadium listeners (granted those numbers are few – but we’re doubting how effective it would have been to “turn down the TV and turn up the radio” with what must have a been a substantial delay for home viewers/listeners.)

This will all surely be blamed on Satellite TV, or radio, or the FCC, or the CIA – but mostly it will just be a system so cumbersome, that not even observers can tell which is live, which is delayed and which is, dare we say, not happening at all.

Gary Glitter was dumped for this?

Long live, GG!

• Hmmmmm. Looks like the game of high school coverage for the region is getting a bit more interesting with the re-vamped and re-amped Globe HS page. Chris Forsberg,’s High School Sports editor, has made a very solid, early impression. Guy’s even taking his own snapshots and video (although it wasn’t so Mac-friendly).

David Scott writes from a seaside shanty on the shores of Hull, Mass. And can be reached at shotsATbostonsportsmedDOTcom