By David Scott
Boston Sports Media Watch

Just a couple of programming notes for you, as they pertain to this here blogger person:

• On Wednesday evening, we’ll be blogging live (or as live as the WiFi at The Dunk will allow) from the Providence College/Boston College Thanksgiving Eve battle. You can folow along at’s Hang Time Blog. We usually tip off about an hour before the game does (7:30 p.m. game start).

• We’ll be doing the same thing, at the same web site, for Saturday’s BC/URI contest at Conte Forum (2 p.m. tip).

• There will also be a live TV sighting of Shots on Friday evening for CN8′s 11 p.m. “Out of Bounds” show. Tune in to see just how much weight I gained in one day of stuffing myself with turkey, egg nog and home-baked goodies. And, of course, to see me represent the Side of Truth.

• Lastly, we couldn’t let this pass without mention: CBS4 ( soon to once again be WBZ-TV4) reached yet another low point on Sunday with its Patriots coverage. In a juvenile pre-game bit that was inexlicably replayed on “Sports Final” with Babbling Bob Lobel, ESPN Radio Boston’s Mike Felger placed a Cheese Head on the dome of Stammering Steve Burton, much to Burton’s displeasure.

Burton just about screamed bloody murder from the Lambeau sideline, even pushing away Felger, who said he’d never seen a Cheese Head “on a Brother.” Really? Is that a joke from the Michael “Kramer” Richards act, Felgie?

Are we in third grade over there at the CBS affiliate? Or is it fourth grade? And just how long will those antics be tolerated? Does anyone have accountability over there?

(Felger went as far as to take a victory lap on Lambeau, another clip that Lobel felt was vital for his Sunday night show.)

How bad was the Burton/Felger display? There’s no sign of it over at the station’s website – where they seem to dump just about everything.

• Enjoy the turkey and check in with our live college hoops blogging – it’s more fun than you can imagine. . .

David Scott writes from a seaside shanty on the shores of Hull, Mass. And can be reached at shotsATbostonsportsmedDOTcom