By David Scott
Boston Sports Media Watch

UPDATED, bottom

Apparently the Dallas Cowboys Media Relations Staff has taken “freedom of the press” to whole new levels by allowing a complete clown access to Sunday’s post-game press conferences.

Using a tone and syntax reminiscent of old Movietone newsreel audio, the quetionable questioner was allowed to act goofy to not only head coach Bill Belichick but also Tom Brady, meaning no one in Big D had the brains to bounce the bozo after his first unprofessional, embarrassing and attention-grabbing line of questioning. True, it’s only a post-game press conference, but some level of decorum and professionalism should be expected. A circus atmosphere is not what the NFL is looking for, we are certain.

At least one member of the Boston media was stunned by the pathetic excuse for a sports journalist and wondered to Shots, “You’d think he’d have his credential revoked, right?”


At 1:56 – 2:06 of audio:

Bozo: “Champ, Champ Talk about your Beantown offense in the second half. They treated the boys from Big D like a couple of flapper girls who were a little loopy on the old gin and juice.”

Belichick: “Next. . .”(Smirks). 0218770002.jpg


At 3:00 – 3:18 of audio:

Bozo: “Champ, Champ, Champ talk about the touchdown pass to Dontel Stallworth it looked like you two were doing the J

itterbug while the Dallas secondary was doing the Charleston.”

Brady: “Is that right? I don’t know what the hell that means but, it was great route and it’s easy to throw it when he’s that wide open. Great question.”

. . .A brief discussion of the bizarre Belichick moment is found here.

UPDATE (10/18/07, 1:40 p.m. EST) – It appears the bozo in question is a recurring character from SportsRadio 1310 AM/104.1 FM The Ticket in Dallas, which is, incredibly the Cowboys flagship station. They’ve had their bozo do the same to thing to various athletes with various levels of success.

And trust us, it’s not that we don’t appreciate humor. It’s just that this is idiocy and completely out of line for a post-game press conference. If it’s so funny, why isn’t 1920s Reporter Guy (as he’s called) approaching Terrell Owens in the same manner? Because T.O. would knock his head off? Oh, then by all means, try it.

The stunt would be funny if it were a minor league team and a student radio station. But it’s the NFL’s mighty Cowboys and their flagship station.

Stay classy, Dallas, indeed.

. . . With all our new friends in Dallas getting into our commenting section, we’ve had to shut down the feature for today. Thanks for reading Shots and come back soon.