By David Scott
Boston Sports Media Watch

The local TV stations engaged in a battle of Who Would Blink First as everyone in town went Sox Crazy with both news and sports side reporters running amok all over Fenway well into the wee hours.

Channels 4, 5, 7, 25, NECN and NESN were all still creating live programming well into the 1 a.m. hour. [WCVB dumped at 1:09 a.m., WBZ at about 1:14 (both for movie review shows) and the others lingered on-air with such local TV dignitaries as Marvelous Maria Stefanos, Hurricane Dan Hausle and Babbling Bob Lobel. NESN switched over to Hazel Mae for “Lights Out” at 1:25 to “continue the celebration” as Mae put it.


WFXT was clear by 1:30 as was NECN, leaving the New York Post of our locals, Channel 7 WHDH to continue to show copter shots of fans scrambling away from cops. Kind of.

At 1:32 a.m., Randy Price finally said, “Good night everybody,” from ‘HDH, leaving NESN and Mae (in virgin white) to put the finishing touches on a special Sunday of this region’s sports superiority. The programming ended at 2 a.m. to a video montage set to what we believe was Good Charlotte’s “We Believe” (upon further listen, it wasn’t GC’s version). An infomercial started immediately after. Or should we say, another infomercial.

• Once again, amongst a sorry lot of local jock-sniffers and celebrators, it was FOX25′s Butchy Stearns who cloaked himself in the most disgrace during a live shot with shortstop Julio Lugo between 12:45 and 1 a.m. Switching to Stearns at Fenway as Lugo let out a subtle puff of smoke from his stogie, Stearns instructed the player to, “Give me another puff on that baby. Show me.”

Lugo obliged as a Nation vomitted. If the Beckett F-bomb on FOX 25 last week wasn’t bad enough, here was Stearns cajoling smoke out of an athlete in pornographic terms!

Stearns, you’ll recall, had an infamous moment with the world series trophy in 2004 and then, as we are learning, spoke over the national anthem more recently.

When exactly will FOX25 finally apologize for their overzealous sports guy?

. . . Not to be outdone for pure homerism and product pushing, ‘FXT’s Mark Ockerbloom and Stefanos showed off Pennant t-shirts from their studio perch.

• NESN followed the letter of the law (as explained by Tom Caron) by not showing highlights and delaying their post-game show until FOX was clear from its national broadcast. ESPN had no such restrictions evidently and the WWL and, at the very least WBZTV locally, were also caught showing game highlights while FOX was still on air.

If the rules are not applied and enforced equally, NESN should simply go live immediately after the final out, even in clinching situations.

Sweet Lou Merloni teamed in-studio with NECN’s Laura Behnke, leaving Chris Collins and Mike Giardi to work the Park. That use of resources worked out well for NECN and Collins staked prime space in front of the Sox dugout to catch players and executives emerging from the clubhouse to dance, prance and romance with the considerable amount of ladies gathered on the green grass.

• NESN’s Caron spotted Doug Flutie just as we did and we thought we saw Alan Dershowitz again as well. Our two Forrest Gumps of Boston Sports. Wonderful.

• For all we know, Larry Lucchino and Theo Epstein are still giving interviews – they didn’t miss anyone that we could tell.

• Methinks the New Idiots were told to tone it down a bit on-field after the regular season festivities. Fewer cans and no boxes on heads. The dancing was, shall we say, more sober. More family and Fenway friendly. More structured.

• There you have it – another week to 10 days of Sox madness. Pace yourself, folks. These things are marathons.