By David Scott
Boston Sports Media Watch

As busy as the real writing has been keeping us and as hectic as Thanksgiving time can be, Shots just couldn’t stay away without checking in for some Turkey Day observations.

Since we’re a sucker for the easy way out, and since you’re a sucker for the easy read, we hereby present the most glaring, recent examples of the Turkeys of Boston Sports Media:

WCVB’s Sports Department, Saturday Night newscast:
Once again proving why Boston will never be a college sports town, the graphic behind Bob Halloran’s Boston College re-cap showed the logos for both schools, accompanied by the words, “The Talon vs. The Claw.”

Okay, help us out on this one. The Talon is the Eagle, we get that. But the Claw? Wouldn’t that also be the Eagle? So BC played itself in Death Valley?

We’re guessing they meant “The Paw”, but Clemson is rarely – if ever- referred to as The Paw. Some weakass, weekend graphics bozo thought they were being cute, but instead just showed ignorance and further established Boston as a pro sports town with shockingly little college knowledge.

The Whole Lot of Patriot Apologists:
There is no other reasonable way to assess the situation with the 10-0 Pats than as “running up the score.” Every one of Pavlov/Belichick’s dogs that sees otherwise is simply being a homer at least and a royal rooter at most.

This is NOT – repeat, NOT – to say that there’s anything wrong with the approach. Coach Hoodie is looking to make as many statements as he can this season and Gerry Callahan’s Tuesday column was pure brilliance on the subject. Still, there’s no way that a sure three points is somehow unacceptable when an attempt on fourth down at a meaningless score is chosen by Beli.

It’s not about preparing for close game situations as Tom Brady tried to re-sell on WEEI 850 AM Tuesday (if the imaginary forthcoming game’s “close,” the three points will likely be good enough to extend the contest), it’s about proving to the league and the nation that “spygate” has no bearing on this season. It’s about making a statement on each and every Sunday (or Monday night). It’s about re-writing record books.

If everyone would just admit that and stop making like Belichick is somehow relenting by going for overkill TDs, maybe the rest of America wouldn’t have as much reason to hate this City of Winners, as they are being given routinely by the likes of Dale Arnold and the Big Show Bozos.

Fred Smerlas:
In his pre-game prediction with Joe “Scoop” Amorosino before Sunday’s game on NBC, Steakhouse Smerlas (sans Steve DeAwful) foresaw a last-second field goal by Buffalo in a 40-point blowout. Even Smiley Joe couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “A last-second field goal” in a rout?, Joe asked.

“Yeah,” grunted The Smerlass.

Brilliant. Just brilliant.

Neil Diamond:
It was a lot better when we it was an anonymous Caroline. Takes on too many bizarre connotations now.

(By the way, nice to still see Doc Chuck – elated by the Diamond drop – still getting quoted from Fenway. No word on whether he’s headed out West as had been rumored, but for the sake of the pageantry at the Park, let’s hope not. Now that they’ve “Signed Mike Lowell,” they should “Keep Doc Chuck.”)

Gregg Easterbrook, the Tuesday Morning Quack at
First of all, can the dude please get a color photo? Or does he not have that technology yet?

We have held off long enough, but it’s not longer within our ability to ignore what a completely self-serving moron Easterbrook has become. He bashes the Pats simply to promote himself and his repetitive nonsense about the Pats (and this week, re: Tom Brady) is nothing more than empty words from an empty suit.

Lastly, I’d like to meet the man not named Easterbrook who has ever gotten through his entire column. Eight thousand words? Dude makes Simmons seem like he’s at a loss for words. Sports Re-Design:
The overall effort on becoming more New York Timesy is commendable and it is, without question, a cleaner, more user-friendly look.

But the inconsistencies in the sports web pages are astonishing. Why do some of the blogs allow comments while others don’t? Better yet, why are some blogs updated to reflect the changes, but others (including that of the sports editor, for crying out loud) still in Globe Web 1.0? (More importantly, why does the sports editor, Joe Sullivan, have a college hoops blog while failing to have a general sports editor’s blog that might be able to explain some of the goings-on of his department and open up a dialogue with the readership?) has come a long way, there’s no question and the sports portion has, likewise, developed into a usable, informational portal. But the inconsistencies and vagaries are enough to make sane users scream.

. . . Nice move by the Globe in honoring Comcast SportsNet’s request to go with CSN as its I.D. Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?

Where’s Shannon Spake?:

And isn’t Hazel Mae in a little over her head with this grouping?

NESN’s Globe 10.0:
Why have we had to wait so long for the Bob and Bob Show? Neumeier joined Ryan on Tuesday and it was the best pairing (Sorry, Charlie) we’ve seen. Neumie’s all national now, so his schedule probably won’t allow all that many appearances, but after a solid 4-month-plus sampling of “10.0,” it’s safe to say that the very best couplings have been Ryan with (in order): Neumie, Pierce and Jackie Mack. Kevin Paul DuPont is fourth on my depth chart with Christopher L. Gasper a distant fifth and everyone else is in the also-ran category.

Oh, and the Tim Fox-as-a-general-sports-guy-thing? Stop it. Please. Solid on football, weak on everything else.

The show still needs to steal more from “PTI,” including using experts like Fox, Mike Reiss, Nick Cafardo, Mark Spears and Gordon Edes for a “Five Good Minutes”-type segment. And there needs to be more whimsy involved.

• Okay, that’s probably enough appetizers to get you to the main course on Thursday.

One programming note for you and believe me, we’re as shocked as you are about this one.

Shots will be sidling up next to the honorable Senator from the South Shore, Bob Hedlund as he fills in for Tom Finneran during Friday morning drive time at WRKO 680 AM. We’ll be sittin’ with The Sen from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. and the focus will hopefully be mostly sports, because I’m a little weak on ideas for gun control in the city.

A couple of points to make here:

1. Yeah, we know, it’s not technically drive time when everyone’s on vacation, but enough of the early-morning shoppers will be roaming about, so there will still be a good number of listeners. Hopefully you will join them and call in and let the world know how wonderful it is to hear Shots on a station with a strong signal.

2. That sound you’re hearing out your window is Entercom Emperor Jason Wolfe spitting up his morning coffee all over his Big O bobblehead doll. If Wolfe doesn’t put the kibosh on this before Friday morning (still a distinct possibility), we’re fairly certain he will have armed security personnel forbidding our entrance into the New Balance Building on Friday morning. (We’re bringing Munchkins to bribe one and all and are prepared to throw hot coffee in the eyes of anyone who dares impede our entrance.)

But I give Hedlund – a rising radio star in the market – a ton of credit for inviting me on and I’m very much looking forward to the chance to share some of Boston sports thoughts and theories with a mass audience. I’ve promised to behave like a real grown-up radio person (whatever that means, maybe I’ll ask Meat Sheppard) and I’ve vowed not to lose the FCC license for 680.

• A sincere and heartfelt Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. We’ve been going at this Scott’s Shots thing for something like five years now and it never ceases to amaze how the community here has grown and prospered. I think all of you know that this is a labor of love (and hatred, at times) for me and I value the platform and the chance to provide my insights, observations and ramblings.

Enjoy your families, the food and the chance to reflect on all that is good in our lives. Oh, and of course, enjoy “Alice’s Restaurant.”