More Globe Buyouts Bound to Effect Sports

So here we go again with the annual guessing game of how more Boston Globe buyouts may or may not affect the Sports section of Joe Sullivan. With a lower threshold for minimum years, we’re now getting into an area where even some of the less gray, graybeards will be in the mix. However, the [...]

ESPN 890 Taking on Water

By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch The occupants at Suite 200 of the Schrafft Building are starting to see more signs of the demise of the S.S. Tang as the ESPN Radio Boston (890 AM) director of sales was dumped on Monday. Staffers were told Neil Kelleher was let go and no specifics on [...]

By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch Banner week for Shots with the Chris Berman videos story earlier this week (thanks to Extra Mustard, et al) and Thursday’s Fox NewsChannel appearance with shrewd Shepard Smith discussing the unending Arlen Specter debacle. That in mind, and knowing that too much of a good thing can be [...]

ESPN Downplays Chris Berman Videos

By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch UPDATED: 10:00 a.m. Wednesday – The Berman videos are now no longer available on YouTube with the explanation given as, “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by ESPN.” This includes the Ampex 2000 offerings and the one from WinnarWinnar. This will affect all [...]

Cervasio Pops Up on NBC; Massarotti on WCVB

By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch Shots is told by separate viewers that soon-to-be-ex-NESN reporter Tina Cervasio was providing sports updates on Saturday for the NBC network. At least one blogger saw Cervasio during Saturday’s “. . . Skating & Gymnastics Spectacular” and another industry insider also contacted Shots to confirm the Carvasio appearance. [...]

No Shots This Week

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By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch As if you weren’t well aware of the hot air that will be expelled in the coming days from the New Balance Building, here’s the only proof you need that the locals will be unbearable for the foreseeable future. It came before the Patriots’ stunning loss to the [...]

Shots Special: The 18 Oh-No’s

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