By David Scott
Boston Sports Media Watch

It’s being called the end of an era, but more accurately it’s the End of the Error that kept Bob Lobel in place at WBZ-TV well beyond his shelf life.

Finally, in a move that has been longer overdue, Lobel has been let go from the local CBS affiliate and is joined as a jettisoned ‘BZer by Joyce Kulhawik and Scott Wahle, according to Jessica Heslam at the Herald. The Globe’s Lobel story is a bit less thorough.

The moves come in the same week that 30 WBZ-TV staffers were let go and will go a long way in trimming the payroll at the once mighty Channel 4.

Lobel was indeed a legend in the market, but over the past decade the 64-year-old has slipped considerably and was often un-watchable at the very time when more and more options became available to viewers. The move to shuttle Lobel off the set is long overdue but sadly leaves Stammering Steve Burton as the lead dog at WBZ, something that will have to be rectified – and soon – if the station hopes to enjoy post-Lobel success.

. . . Predictably, the Herald’s Steve Buckley goes a bit overboard for his buddy. The headline writer too, gusheth a bit too much.

. . . Not sure what the future holds for “Sports Final,” the show that used to hold weight in the market and has lately been a shadow of its former self, much like its host.