By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch PROGRAMMING NOTE: Shots will be accompanying the Memphis Tigers basketball program on its upcoming trip to China. Because of that, our Boston Sports Media duties will be on hiatus. But you can follow the journey from Hull to Huizhou at the Conference USA website beginning Monday and continuing [...]

Winners and Losers from Tomasegate

By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch There has been no shortage of follow-ups and re-hashes that have emerged after a tumultuous week in Boston sports media’s rather sordid history. In an effort to use one of the oldest tricks in the book, we offer a “Winners and Losers” breakdown as our vehicle of choice [...]

Belichick Talks to Armen Keteyian on CBS News

By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch This should put a nice cap on what was an extremely hectic and convoluted week in Boston sports media. It’s a CBS News exclusive with Bill Belichick and great get by the always-spectacular Armen Keteyian. (Just a 15 second snippet of the interview) (UPDATE: SoxandDawgs has the full [...]

By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch Some people sleep out for concert tickets. Others wait for XBox video games to be released. A few need to be the first to see a new release in movie theaters. As a media critic in the Internet Age, I prefer to wait up late night for the [...]

Shots to Live Blog Tomase Explanation Release

By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch Scott’s Shots has confirmed through a Boston Herald spokesperson that the John Tomase explanation piece will be posted at the paper’s website right around 12:01 a.m. Friday. Shots will begin a special Live Blog of the Tomase Treatise’s release just before midnight on Thursday, right here at Scott’s [...]

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By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch While we slowly and skeptically get past the tongue-in-cheek feel of the Boston Herald’s “Sorry, Pats” headline from Wednesday and as we wait for the Friday-promised explanation from ‘Comments-off’ writer John Tomase, let’s take a little look at some of the factors that have brought us to this [...]

Tomase Says Explanation Coming on Friday

By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch John Tomase is promising an explanation to the whole Matt Walsh episode for Friday’s paper. Shots will have more on the matter for Thursday morning and then a follow-up after Tomase’s Friday story gets posted at the Herald’s website (or whenever it is made public). From his 5:24 [...]

By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch The Boston Herald has “apologized” for writer John Tomase’s Super Bowl Eve bombshell that a tape of a 2002 St. Louis Rams pre-Super Bowl walkthrough existed. Without naming Tomase directly, the paper, at its website (and surely in the Wednesday print edition), says under the heading, “Sorry, Pats” [...]

• A minor development in the Gordon Edes-to-Yahoo! Sports soap opera: Edes filed his appeal last Friday and is expecting the New York Times Company’s ERISA Management Committee to hear the appeal in the coming days. That committee was scheduled to meet this week, but as of Thursday night, the Edes appeal had not been [...]

By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch As if getting beaten by its sister on its own region’s biggest off-field story in years wasn’t enough, further embarrassed the Boston Globe brand on Wednesday night when it sent out an ‘email alert’ of breaking news regarding the Matt Walsh fiasco. The mass email arrived at [...]

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