By David Scott
Boston Sports Media Watch

It’s not all that surprising that on Day One of Patriots Camp 2008, the Boston Globe (and proved to be THE place to go for Belinews and Brady banter. What is surprising is that the Boston Herald and it meager website couldn’t even muster the troops or the content to allow it to finish second. Instead, the Patriots’ in-house “news gatherers” provided runner-up coverage to the Globe’s team effort from Mike Reiss, Christopher L. Gasper and dot-com dazzler, Chris Forsberg.

In fairness, Karen Guregian was a one-woman blogging show and she also had her normal paper duties to account for. But the infrastructure (or lack thereof) at the Herald’s website gives them absolutely NO CHANCE of competing with the Globe, the Krafts (and, in the future, probably There is no video (which the Globe is starting to load up on), little analysis (Reiss at the Globe expanding his blog/print role in that regard a bit) and no sense that the Herald’s “Point After” will be regularly updated.

. . . We did find these first two comments from the previous link to be revealing though – something to keep in mind with all this audio and video explosion – written words still have large value:

1. Hey… stop with the video updates… We need text and written updates. 75% of us are at work and cant watch video.
Posted by Damon July 24, 08 03:37 PM

2. I TOTALLY agree. TEXT ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Video Killed the Reese’s Pieces July 24, 08 03:47 PM

• It’s now official: Joe Haggerty doesn’t sleep. Haggerty has been all over the airwaves this week with Comcast SportsNet and WEEI 850 AM time figuring heavily into his schedule. He’ll also do a Friday night stint on CN8′s re-vamped “Out of Bounds Late Night” (11:30 p.m.). He’s probably another local guy who should be in the mix over at the Herald, if they want to get creative with the hire. It does – as we’ve stated all along – make the most sense to move Tomase to baseball (as Hank Herald is indicating he will).

The position at the Herald will have a lot of local suitors for sure, but the job is not likely to be a nationally attractive one with the supposed low payscale, sketchy health coverage AND the overall instability of the paper.

Not to mention that time is of the essence and having to wait while someone moves in from out of state would bring the Herald into a danger zone come baseball playoffs and the second quarter of the NFL season, which coincides with Celtics pre-season.

• ’EEI’s snag of multi-tool Mike Felger is already paying dividends, as Felgie joined Eric Frede and Haggerty from Foxborough. Hmmmm. “Felgie in Foxborough.” Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Or, wait, “Felgie in the Foxhole.”

We’ll stop now.

• With everyone doing the transcript thing these days, it strikes us that it’s probably time for a “Best of the Q&A” nugget instead of the full transcript being played so prominently. For instance, from the Brady transcript on Thursday, it might have been good to have an immediate post on the “Three Most Interesting Things Brady Said Today” instead of doing the full transcript (which both papers cut and pasted from Pats PR people).

Same would go for the Belichick presser. Ten minutes after he’s done, you could have a “Best of Bill,” and then post the entire transcript later.

There’s just a lot of repetition out there and the more these sites can differentiate themselves, the better off they will be in gaining market share. That’s the main reason we try to think these things through with you. It’s called “shaping the future” and it’s something we’re all doing regularly.

. . . The instant analysis of Reiss and the “Five Observations. . . ” are examples of what we’re talking about. The classic “Who’s Up and Who’s Down” works as a quick-hitter type of thing that users will latch onto quickly as well.

• No word from the 890 ESPN people on what they’re programming changes will be. Let’s put it this way: It will be unspectacular and stop-gap when it does emerge, so it’s hardly worth waiting for.

• We saw two separate local TV packages mentioning that Tom Brady lost his primo parking spot (earned from off-season workout attendance) but neither WCVB’s Mike Dowling nor WBZ’s Alice Cook thought to inform us of who in fact does have the space. Let’s hope the writers don’t make the same oversight in Friday’s notes columns.

It’s a little thing, but it’s so easy to remedy that it’s almost unforgivable. Both TV reporters could have easily thrown in the parking space’s new occupant in their package wraps. And both should have.

• Speaking of hiring decisions, there appear to be some snafus in the Gordon Edes to Yahoo! Sports saga that is now into its fourth month of confusion and turmoil.

It is believed that Edes’s appeal of his buyout denial is still dragging through channels at the New York Times Company. Meanwhile, things at Yahoo! remain very combustible and one trusted Shots confidant suggested that the uncertainty at the top of the company could have a ripple effect on hirings – especially ones that have hung in the balance for almost the entire baseball season.

If Yahoo! has done without an extra baseball guy to this point, who’s to say they even need one for the remainder of the season? There are mixed signals on the whole deal and Edes is probably the only one who REALLY knows what’s shaking.

Emails to Edes were not returned nor was an email to Yahoo! sports editor Dave Morgan, however early Friday morning one Shots’ source indicated that Edes-to-Yahoo! is nearing completion.

• Things are gloomy at the Hartford Courant for sure and now comes news that ex-Sox beat guy/recent Pats beat man, David Heuschkel was part of the post-buyout cuts this week. Said one Courant mole: “That means no more [original] Red Sox or Patriots coverage in the Courant after [Jeff Goldberg] finishes up on the Sox beat in October. . . there (is) no more Boston coverage on the horizon. Where once [the Courant] had both the New York and Boston markets covered, now they are a shell of their former selves. It’s one of the many tragedies hitting all the Tribune papers since Sam Zell and his massive debt took over. It’s a damn, damn shame.”

That it ’tis. That it ’tis.

• More than a few around Pats’ Camp noted the absence of the late Dan Pires. Pires was Mr. Camp to me. It’s where I met Dan and it’s where I grew to appreciate Danny. He ruled that Media Hill and roamed those grounds with a comfort-level achieved only by the few who truly master their vocation.

• Albert Breer wasted no time in getting back into Boston’s multimedia meat grinder when he popped up on Tuesday night’s Comcast SportsNet and was sporting the new chyron of “Albert Breer –”

. . . Clearly, TSN has a lot of catching up to do if they want to be a player in mainstream sports media sites but we liked the initial hint that they will be some version of an all-Michael Vick portal. With all the Atlanta connections at TSN, it makes sense to focus on something the editors and writers are well-connected to. Vick’s story is far from over and investing in it early could pay off later for TSN.

Overall, it feels like “The National, 2.0,” and I’m not sure that’s such a bad thing. “The First Digital Newspaper in Sports,” it bills itself on the masthead. I’m certainly willing to give it a go and the Coverleaf technology is easy to use.

. . .Tomase continues to contribute to TSN’s Inside Dish (page 15 in Thursday’s issue). Also the requisite Erin Andrews interview on Page 4 where she professes her love for Boston and Justin Timberlake.

. . . The Back Page is currently very weak. That will need some beefing up for sure. A columnist, we’d assume, but what about video or audio?

David Scott writes from a seaside shanty on the shores of Hull, Mass. and can be reached at shotsATbostonsportsmediaDOTcom.

Scott’s first book, with Memphis Coach John Calipari, is scheduled for release in the Fall of 2009.