By David Scott
Boston Sports Media Watch

Capping what could become a defining week in the storied history of the Boston Globe sports desk, sports editor Joe Sullivan announced in Sunday’s paper that the Washington Post’s Adam Kilgore will share the Red Sox beat with Amalie Benjamin.

Kilgore, 24, who has been a star on the WaPo’s college sports coverage team, brings baseball beat experience and Globe (and local) roots with him. Kilgore grew up in York, Maine, about an hour north of Boston.

Following the Tony Massarotti hiring and the Chad Finn re-positioning, Sullivan has made bold moves in showing the Globe is taking the impending threat of very seriously. ( will do a “soft re-launch” on Monday with original content from many of its new talents including Rob Bradford and, Shots has learned, Curt Schilling – although he’s not expected to be a regular contributor at the outset.)

Kilgore’s a Daily Orange alum from Syracuse University (2006) and interned in sports at the Globe. His work has also appeared in the Portland Press Herald and Sports Illustrated’s On Campus.

Not only does the Kilgore hire bolster the paper’s Sox coverage, his hire has the added bonus of giving Sullivan a legit go-to option on his college hoops and football bench. Add in a comfort level on the blog/message board/chat side that Kilgore has displayed and the sum total result is an infusion of youth, talent, experience and versatility that the Internet media world demands. He starts September 2 at the Globe.

Reached last week before he had accepted the job, Kilgore joked that he kept his (207)-area code (Maine) because, he said, “It’s my essence.”

In fact, if we’re not mistaken, Kilgore’s family is was involved in this magnificent idea for a food specialist. [UPDATE: The Kilgores, Kent and Lucy (both teachers), owned and ran Maude Hutchins for about two years and Kent still owns a wholesale lobster meat business named Skipper's Bay Lobster Meat.]

• So here’s the scene we’re picturing when Bob Ryan rolls into the office on his first day back from China, probably sometime in early September:

Ryan: Ni Hao, everybo. . . Mazz? What are you doing here? What did you do with Gordon?

Sully: We better grab a coffee, Bob. It’s a whole new world here on Morrissey Boulevard.

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