By David Scott
Boston Sports Media Watch

WEEI 850 AM’s middlin’ Saturday morning duo of Larry Johnson and Craig Mustard did their last show together at the station this morning. According to several Shots emailers and the ever-reliable BSMW message board, the duo made the announcement during today’s show.

A text message to a station spokesman early Saturday afternoon was not immediately returned. It’s unclear whether either Mustard or Johnson will still appear on the station in any capacity (Johnson is, sadly, a regular fill-in on other ‘EEI shows).

However, Shots is being told to expect a show to debut next Saturday in the 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. slot, likely featuring’s editorial overlord, Rob Bradford and likely involving some type of web element to help promote the fledgling site.

The move – no matter who replaces the Musty One and The Tracer – is an immediate win-win for Entercom. They get a new voice (or voices) on Saturday mornings to launch NFL and Pennant Drive seasons AND they will be able to use what amounts to a weekly, four-hour infomercial for the original content being generated by Bradford’s troops at the dot-com.

M&J have been together, it appears, since Johnson first began with the station about a dozen years ago (good backgrounder here from The Enterprise in 2006).

• After the Big Plant in USA Today by her agent a few weeks ago, it now appears a fait accompli that ex-NESN vixen, Hazel Mae is going to Major League Baseball’s TV arm. That’s some pretty good agenting by Sue Lipton of IMG. Mae’s national skills are questionable at best, but she parlayed Red Sox Nation (and equal parts sex) appeal into a high-profile gig with MLB.

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