By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch In truth I can’t really afford to be coming out of my “book nook” for any amount of time, but two ongoing stories in Boston sports media need some assessing and Shots realizes it’s our official duty to analyze both (and some bonus topics for the new year). [...]

By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch The rapid evolution of continues and we’re not even a month into the new incarnation. Content has been bountiful, integration with the radio side has been almost seamless (see: the John Dennis ‘scoop’ from Wednesday AND the dot-com branded Saturday morning show) and there’s even big-name sponsors [...]

By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch FOXBOROUGH – An opportune visit to the House of Tom on Thursday night showed us two very evident storylines developing in Patriots’s media land: 1. There’s going to be some shake-up in Pats’ beat once the Herald and sports editor Hank Hryniewicz settle on a hire for this [...]

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