By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch I’d like to report that I’m back in full force at this space, but I’m still in the editing process and as I’ve said from the beginning of this amazing project, I can’t justify devoting time to my love (Scott’s Shots) over my real-life job. However, as I’ve [...]

By David Scott Boston Sports media Watch Shots is not quite ready to re-start regular Friday posts, but the confluence of buzz surrounding Chad Finn, Dan Shaughnessy, Bill Simmons and Dick Albert offered too many fish in too small a barrel for my blogging soul. As for my real-life project, we are happy to report [...]

By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch Response was pretty positive to last week’s Monday offering, so we’ll keep it going as long as you keep the dialogue running. (Shots’ Loyalists will recall the days when we dutifully dissected the Sunday night show on Mondays with regularity. At some point, we realized that no one’s [...]

By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch Shots unveils a potential regular Monday feature today with a look back at some of the items and happenings you may have missed over the weekend. But first, some developing news from ESPN 890 AM, as the station is set to announce its new hosts for the weekday [...]

By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch With a week to digest the rather compelling news that Shots led the way on late last week, it’s clearly time for a Winners and Losers edition of “As the Boston Sports Media Market Turns”: WINNER Glenn Ordway The biggest – in every sense – winner is [...]

By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch Okay, so now what? No, really. What the heck do we do now? Too early for the Red Sox. Too tired of the Patriots. Too soon for the Olympics, too. The inevitable comedown after these things – these wonderful, magnificent journeys through late nights and stirring comebacks – [...]


By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch Looks like Dan Shaughnessy did his chores a bit too early this week. When Shaughnasty penned the Sunday Globe column, “Let’s iron out some of this dirty laundry,” he thought he was putting the finishing touches on his paper’s “big coup” – the news of the re-signing of [...]

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