By David Scott Boston Sports media Watch Shots is not quite ready to re-start regular Friday posts, but the confluence of buzz surrounding Chad Finn, Dan Shaughnessy, Bill Simmons and Dick Albert offered too many fish in too small a barrel for my blogging soul. As for my real-life project, we are happy to report [...]

By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch In truth I can’t really afford to be coming out of my “book nook” for any amount of time, but two ongoing stories in Boston sports media need some assessing and Shots realizes it’s our official duty to analyze both (and some bonus topics for the new year). [...]

By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch We thought long and hard about temporarily suspending our book-writing sabbatical for the sole purpose of once again pointing out the (recurring, laughable) prima donna ways of the former Boston Sports Guy, Bill Simmons. Really, we did. But when we got the following, carefully crafted three-sentence statement from [...]

By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch The rapid evolution of continues and we’re not even a month into the new incarnation. Content has been bountiful, integration with the radio side has been almost seamless (see: the John Dennis ‘scoop’ from Wednesday AND the dot-com branded Saturday morning show) and there’s even big-name sponsors [...]

By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch In yet another stunning blow to the battered Boston Herald sports section, general columnist and Red Sox specialist, Tony Massarotti is leaving One Herald Square, crossing over Route 93, will land smack dab on Joe Sullivan’s sports staff at the Boston Globe/ Adam Reilly at the Phoenix had [...]

By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch Manny Mania reached epic levels on Thursday and the most blatant example of the Man Love came when the Globe’s Amalie Benjamin posted at 10:52 a.m. that nothing new had developed, followed nine minutes later by teammate Nick Cafardo confirming that indeed, nothing new had developed. (“Talks Still [...]

By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch With a week to digest the rather compelling news that Shots led the way on late last week, it’s clearly time for a Winners and Losers edition of “As the Boston Sports Media Market Turns”: WINNER Glenn Ordway The biggest – in every sense – winner is [...]

By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch News this week of a Sporting News re-launch and re-focus brought equal parts optimism and pessimism. As we’ve chronicled here before, when Shots was part of the final staff to ever produce SPORT magazine, there were constant rumors that Sporting News would either be our partner in business [...]

By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch Some people sleep out for concert tickets. Others wait for XBox video games to be released. A few need to be the first to see a new release in movie theaters. As a media critic in the Internet Age, I prefer to wait up late night for the [...]

No Excuse for Sideline reporter-less NESN

By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch We agree with point 10 C. of King, Peter from The Once King of All Magazines that it was wrong to boo David Ortiz last weekend considering the season is just 1/14th toward completion. That, however, doesn’t spare us from booing the NESN (Slow) Trigger Pullers who have [...]

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