By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch As if to show just how serious they are about being an Internet player, today (8/18/08) announces the addition of Deadspin founder, Will Leitch, to its rapidly expanding line-up of writers. Leitch – tabbed as “The Outsider” – will write twice-monthly (every other Wednesday) for the site [...]

By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch With a week to digest the rather compelling news that Shots led the way on late last week, it’s clearly time for a Winners and Losers edition of “As the Boston Sports Media Market Turns”: WINNER Glenn Ordway The biggest – in every sense – winner is [...]

By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch Embattled Boston Herald sportswriter, John Tomase, remains on the Patriots beat despite working the weekend’s Red Sox-Mariners series, according to Herald sports editor Hank Hryniewicz. Tomase, who was at the epicenter of the latest chapter of Spygate, had bylines in the paper over the weekend with all of [...]

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By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch Some people sleep out for concert tickets. Others wait for XBox video games to be released. A few need to be the first to see a new release in movie theaters. As a media critic in the Internet Age, I prefer to wait up late night for the [...]

• A minor development in the Gordon Edes-to-Yahoo! Sports soap opera: Edes filed his appeal last Friday and is expecting the New York Times Company’s ERISA Management Committee to hear the appeal in the coming days. That committee was scheduled to meet this week, but as of Thursday night, the Edes appeal had not been [...]

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