Bob Ryan Clears Up Facial Mystery

By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch Stop the presses! Stop the rumors! And please, stop the silliness. Basketball Bob Ryan has kindly offered up explanation for the Case of His Mysterious Face from a few weeks back. You may all now resume the search for the real killers of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman [...]

By David Scott Boston Sports media Watch Shots is not quite ready to re-start regular Friday posts, but the confluence of buzz surrounding Chad Finn, Dan Shaughnessy, Bill Simmons and Dick Albert offered too many fish in too small a barrel for my blogging soul. As for my real-life project, we are happy to report [...]

By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch Shots is heading back into the Seaside Shanty’s Sabbatical Seclusion room, but before we do we wanted to pass along further explanation of NESN’s end of game disaster with Boston College’s huge upset of previously-No. 1 and undefeated North Carolina on Sunday night. FOX SportsNet’s Director of Corporate [...]

By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch ANALYSIS While his agent, his employer (Entercom) and undoubtedly his lackeys who ride his coattails are rejoicing over the news of Glenn Ordway’s re-signing with WEEI 850 AM, the move is far from the “landscape” altering event Ordway’s agent George Tobia would like us to believe. Instead, it [...]

By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch UPDATE: NESN has posted an “explanation” of its broadcast blunder as well as information on two scheduled re-broadcasts set for today at 1 p.m. and 8 p.m. (The 1 p.m. re-broadcast is oddly void of a regular game clock, using only a score graphic in the lower right-hand [...]

By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch In truth I can’t really afford to be coming out of my “book nook” for any amount of time, but two ongoing stories in Boston sports media need some assessing and Shots realizes it’s our official duty to analyze both (and some bonus topics for the new year). [...]

By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch A SHOTS FIELD TRIP TO. . . This has never been the regular series it should be, but every once in a while Shots does leave Hull and venture into the crowded streets of – and around – Boston. It usually ends poorly with a traffic jam or [...]

By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch The rapid evolution of continues and we’re not even a month into the new incarnation. Content has been bountiful, integration with the radio side has been almost seamless (see: the John Dennis ‘scoop’ from Wednesday AND the dot-com branded Saturday morning show) and there’s even big-name sponsors [...]

By David Scott Boston Sports Media Watch WEEI 850 AM’s middlin’ Saturday morning duo of Larry Johnson and Craig Mustard did their last show together at the station this morning. According to several Shots emailers and the ever-reliable BSMW message board, the duo made the announcement during today’s show. A text message to a station [...]

By David Scott Boston Sports media Watch Enough already with the Olympics. Finish the hoops re-coronation, stow away Costas and give us now our college and pro football. BMX? Are you serious? And we don’t even dominate. [And what have we here?, a fresh take on an old scandal to cap things off in style! [...]

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